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Hi, my name is Alex Olmedo. I'm a musician, composer, producer and singer.

Music has always been a big part of my existence. I found out at a very early age that it was easy for me to learn to play musical instruments as well as writing songs. Since then I've been part of different musical projects, with guitar and voice as my main tools, although I also play other instuments such as keyboards and bass. 


At the age of 14 I formed my first band and over time I have been in different groups.

I have played as a session and live musician for several Spanish and Argentinian bands and singers, such as Los Lunes Que Quedan, Coti, Zodiacs and Coque Malla.  Coque Malla and I later formed the band Las Mentiras together. Currently I play guitar with the Spanish songwriter Lichis.


I completed two albums with Warner Music Spain and one with Factoría Autor (Spanish General Authors' Society's label).

I've produced several records and demos, like “Ocho brazos para abrazarte” by the Spanish pop band Los Peces (Warner Music), “3, 2, 1... Zodiacs” by the Basque rock band Zodiacs (Warner Music), and also produced for other artists and bands like Coque Malla, Full, Pol 3,14, etc.


I write songs and music for singers, radio jingles, advertisements and tv serials. I have composed for well-known brands like Ikea, Findus, Fanta, as well as for Spanish tv serials for Atresmedia (Vis a vis) and RTVE (Áquila Roja).

My own studio - MUSICREA - is based on Pro Tools, which I use for my musical creation and playing or programming different instruments.


I invite you to explore my website, listen to my work and please feel free to get in touch! Thanks!

compositor & productor musical

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