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A selection of my work as a songwriter, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist,

                             sound engineer and producer for advertisements.


FANTA "Con poco me lo monto" 

After the completion of Zodiac's album “3, 2, 1...”, the band were proposed to make the music for this Fanta advertisement.

The ad was already finished but someone decided at the las minute to change the song. We had to adapt to the rhythm of the video, respecting the lyrics and the lip of it, without resembling the previous music and thus compose the music from scratch.

It was a very dificult task that took many hours of brainstorming but we managed to compose a new song without losing Zodiac's musical essence. This succesful advertisement was issued during the summer of 2009.


This instrumental piece was composed and recorded by Pablo Parser and me at OEO MUSIC studios, which was in charge of the production, for the swedish frozen food brand FINDUS.

This advertisement was issued for the first time during the summer of 2014.

IKEA "La otra carta"
(The other letter)

I composed and recorded this instrumental piece for a Spanish IKEA Christmas advertisement in my studio. It is a OEO MUSIC production and was aired during the month of December 2014 and January 2015.

CADENA COPE "Impossible faces"

This is a cover of the original version titled “Eres fea” (You are ugly), composed by J.A. García Gallo, featuring Tommy in 1967. The original version also appears in Javier Fesser's film “El milagro de P. Tinto”.

This version was recorded for the Spanish radio station CADENA COPE as an internet advertisement.

I played, programmed and recorded all instruments in my studio and also sang the song. The muted trumpets section was added later in OEO MUSIC studios who were in charge of the production. Mixing and mastering run on my own in my studio. It was issued in early 2015.

ABANCA CASH "The power of being able to teleport money to one of our ATMs"

Abanca presented in March 2017 an apps campaign based on "superpowers". To show the different available apps they shoot three advertisements for wich I wrote three original musical pieces in the style of Superhero Movies Soundtracks. I composed and recorded them in my studio and the different editions were finished at Beat Music TV studios, who were in charge of the music production.

ABANCA APLAZOS "The power of being able to offer financing to your clients"
ABANCA APPlázame "The power of being able to send your expenses from your mobile phone to the future"
CASER "Car for car"

This is a CASER INSURANCE advertisement for which I was commissioned an original composition. Actually I composed two pieces of music, one in the sixties style, and this, more in accordance with the sound of the fifties. I composed both pieces at my studio and later I conducted Allende Blanco's voice at Beat Music TV studios, who were again in charge of the music production. It was aired in June 2017.


This is a MIDEA / FRIGICOLL ad for which the song titled "Aire" (Air) was used, popularized by Spanish pop star Pedro Marín at the beginning of the 1980s. I re-recorded and sang the song at my studio preserving part of the original essence but with some different nuances . The music production was carried out by Beat Music TV and was issued during the summer of 2017.

FAD "Green constancy" (Laces)

These three ads belong to the "Green constancy" campaign from the FAD, Acronyms corresponding to the translation Help Against Drug Addiction Foundation. Several spots were filmed in which the original music that I composed and recorded at my studio was included. Mixing and editing was completed at Beat Music Tv studios, who were again in charge of the music production. It was first aired during the the summer of 2017.

FAD "Green constancy" (Alarm clock)
FAD "Green constancy" (Guitar)

Three ads from the Goethe Institute to promote their German language courses. Sound design work was carried out together with sound engineer Javier Abril in which, with three german stereotypes like beer, cars and football in mind, each sound corresponds orderly to the notes of the German anthem. Autumn 2017.

IKEA "Teruel existe  y las novedades de Ikea también".

I composed and recorded this instrumental piece for IKEA inspired by the swing and jazz dance orchestras from de beginning of the XX century. This is again an OEO MUSIC production and was aired during the month of august 2018.

compositor & productor musical

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