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A selection of my work as a composer, arranger

 and producer for original sound tracks.


This is the second film from Spanish film director Alejando Amenábar after his successful debut “Tésis”.

At that time I was part of a band called IF. The rest of the band was comformed by Miguel Ángel Castillo Jiménez on bass, Fernando Polaino on guitar and backing vocals, and Lolo García on drums.

I had recently signed a contract with EMI Publishing, whose manager at that time, Fabrice Benoit, told me about the idea trying to get a song into the original soundtrack since it would be pretty diverse, even featuring some compositions of A. Amenábar.

After having read the synopsis of the movie I was asked to write a couple of songs and to record them with the rest of the band and show them to Alejandro Amenábar. One must have the same title as the film as it was requested to the other songwriters for the OST.

That's how we recorded “Abre los ojos” (Open your eyes), a song that was not finally included in the OST as A. Amenábar himself composed a song with that title, discarding all the other compositions with the same title. The other song I wrote, “Yo mismo”, was included in the OST.

The song I wrote, “Abre los ojos” time later was included in the debut album of my own musical proyect La Naranja China.

Both songs for the OST were recorded in Trak studios, Madrid, under the direction of french producer Alex Azaria, and english sound engineer Bob Painter was at the control of recording tasks. Both songs were mixed and mastered in ICP studios, Brussels, by sound engineer “Djoum” The film was realised in 1997.

Yo mismo - IF
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Abre los ojos - IF
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"El otro lado de la cama"

"El otro lado de la cama" (The other side of the bed) is is a Spanish musical comedy film whose musical direction was in charge of the Spanish OST composer Roque Baños.

There are two versions of this song titled “No sé qué hacer” (I don't know what to do), composed by Coque Malla. One is performed by the lead actor Ernesto Alterio in the film, and the other version is performed by Coque itself which is included in the OST.

We recorded it in my studio and I took care to capture most of the arrangements Coque had in mind, programming bass, drums and played keyboards. Coque recorded guitars, the backing vocals were made by us two and our girlfriends, and Ernesto dropped into the studio to record the lead vocals. 2002.


Gabor is a documentary film directed by Sebastián Alfie.

Synopsis: "Sebas has to film a documentary about blindness in the Bolivian Altiplano. While his was searching optical recording equipment he meets Gabor, a retired photography director who lost his sight ten years ago. Sebas proposes him to be his partner to shoot together the documentary in Bolivia. But, as Gabor can not see, how will they do to shoot the film?"

The music was composed by Fernando Polaino and The Orquesta Pinha. The orchestral arrangements were already lined up but Fernando asked me to reprogram all the string arrangements. The documentary was premiered in 2014 and has won several awards.

compositor & productor musical

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