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A selection of my work as a songwriter, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist,

               sound engineer and producer for tv serials and tv entertainment

(La Sexta/NOVA) "Farewell song"

This television reality show called "Escuala de decoración" (Decoration school) was aired on Spanish tv channels La Sexta on Saturdays and on NOVA on Sundays.

The song that I wrote is titled “Farewell Song” and is the header of the show.

I played all instruments, sang, recorded, mixed and mastered all in my studio. It is a Globomedia and Atresmedia production in which collaborates IKEA. First issued in October 2015.

VIS A VIS, (Antena 3) "Yo no estaré"

This is a section of the seventh chapter of the second season of the television serial “Vis a vis”, in which you can hear much of the mexican ranchera I composed expressly for this chapter. It is titled “Yo no estaré” (I'll not be there). Besides composition, I took care ot the arrangements, production, mixing and mastering. I went to Manufacturas Sonoras recording studios, Madrid, to track down vocals (ft. Enrique Rafael Rodríguez Tundidor), violin (ft. Andrés Ignacio Vásquez) and trumpet (ft. Sergio Palencia).

The rest (bass, spanish guitar and backing vocals) ran on my own in my studio MUSICREA.

The lyrics were written by Esther Martínez Lobato and Alex Pina which are part of the serial production crew. May 2016.

ÁGUILA ROJA, (RTVE) "The Invincibles"

This is a breakthrough for chapter 110 to 116 of the ninth season of Águila Roja (Red Eagle), a successful Spanish adventure television serial set in Spain during the 17th century, for which I had the honour writing and producing the epic song “The Invincibles”.

I made everything in my studio except the vocals which was featured by Jon Nickoll during a trip I made to Kent. The lyrics were written by María Ángeles Fernández Melón and me.

The song was realised as a single during the summer of 2016 and is included in the compilation cd-book of the serial.

You can listen to the whole song here:

This is the tune I wrote for the TV Contest of Banco de Santander “Fútbol Pasión” (Football Pasion) issued through FOX SPORTS for Latin America. I composed and recorded all the instruments and voices at my studio MUSICREA and added later some backing vocals in BEAT TV studios, which were in charge of the production. Issued during the summer of 2016.


music composer & producer

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