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             A selection of my work as a songwriter,

singer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and producer


LA NARANJA CHINA "12 sorbos de burbujas electrificantes"
(THE CHINESE ORANGE " 12 sips of electrifying bubbles")

This was the debut album of my personal project, La Naranja China, launched by Warner Music in 2002. Although this album didn't have a specific title it was “baptized” later as “12 sips of electrifying bubbles”. Part of the recording and production was done by Pedro Rodriguez. One song on this album, “Abre Los Ojos” (Open Your Eyes) was produced by French composer and producer Alex Azaria for Alejandro Amenábar's movie of the same name.

Apart from writing all the songs and the musical arrangements, I handled most of the production tasks. Several outstanding musicians collaborated on this album, like Pedro Rodriguez, Kiki Tornado, Fernando Polaino, Jacob Reguilón, Marcelo Guentes, Adrián Schinoff, Ramón Arroyo, Diego Galaz, Ñaco Goño, Lulo Pérez, Josu García, Víctor Gil, Miguel Ángel Castillo, Lolo García y David Hyam. 

It was recorded in Fonoelástica and Trak studios, Madrid, and I had the help of different sound engineers: Pedro Rodriguez, Óscar Herrador and Bob Painter.

Mixed and mastered by Guillermo Quero in Q Studios, Madrid.

You can listen to the entire album here:
LA NARANJA CHINA "Electrodoméstico"
(THE CHINESE ORANGE "Household appliance")

I wrote and produced my second album in London. I sat there for a few months in a small apartment near New Cross. I had with me my computer, miscellaneous “musical pottery” and some instruments. As I wrote, I recorded the songs which would make up "Electrodomestico".

It's an album of electric pop rock where I put different musical styles and eras through the sieve of new technology.

Later, Kiki Tornado's drums were added in Sintonía Studios, Madrid, to some of the tracks. I re-recorded most of the vocals in Juan Luis Jimenez's WahWah Music Studios, Valencia, where Luis Pastor added trumpet and flugelhorn to the track "Picante y Valor".

The recording engineers in Spain were Hadrien Fregnac at Sintonía Studios and Kim Jimeno at WahWah Music. Mixing was done by Vicente Sabter at AC Studios, Valencia, and Kim Jimeno at WahWah Music. Mastered by José Vinader at Eurosonic Studios, Madrid. Published in 2004 by Warner Music.

You can listen to the entire album here:
LA NARANJA CHINA "Fenómenos naturales"
(THE CHINESE ORANGE "Natural phenomenas")

After a four-year break, when I took part in three tours as a guitarist and backing vocalist of the band of the Argentinian artist Coti, I rented an office in the centre of Madrid where I set up my studio. There I wrote and produced my third album as La Naranja China. On this album I recorded and programmed all instruments and vocals.

I wanted to make a stylistically homogeneous record, with an obvious wink to British sixties music, which has marked me throughout my life.

Some vocals were recorded at Orixe Studios, Madrid, with recording engineers Max Miglin and Diego Ochi.

Mixing was carried out by José María Rosillo at Audiomatic Studios, Madrid, and it was mastered by Juan Hidalgo at Mastertips, Madrid.

The cover-art was designed by illustrator and artist Roberson.

The album was released in 2008 under SGAE's label Factoría Autor.

You can listen to the entire album here:
THE FICTIONS "Let it go"

As the name suggests, The Fictions is a fictitious merseybeat group. I have always been a big fan of that aesthetic and sound, and in my free time I've sometimes composed songs of that style with no desire other than fun. The cover of the supposed EP is also my work. The images of the four characters that appear in it were extracted from photographs of musicians of those times, overlaping images of my face on them. The song “Let it go” emulates the genuine british beat style of the mid-sixties, and as could not be otherwise, it's monaural. Presented in 2016.

SON CIEMPIESES "Vista a lo bestia"
(THEY ARE CENTIPEDES "Vista a lo bestia")

Juan and Humbi have been living in England for a long time. They knew each other from the musical scene of Leon, a city located on the north of Spain. Juan played in The Crépitos, with whom he released several albums, and Humbi was the frontman singer of Terremotors. Although they both live quite far away, they would gather from time to time to play and sing. One day a book by the poetess Gloria Fuertes came into their hands and they decided to compose music for some of her poems. I met both a few years ago and one day they contacted me to propose me to join their musical project. That's how we started shaping this Gloria Fuertes tribute album, based on her poems and respecting the original content to the maximum. We composed it along the way in Lincoln, Ramsgate and Madrid. I did most of the production tasks and also mixed it. It was mastered by Mike Collins at Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate, UK, and we released it at the end of 2016. You can listen to whole the album here:


music composer & producer

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